Dog Conch Conservation Project


        Dog Conch Conservation Project or Andaman Marine and Coastal Resources Joint Management Project with the collaboration of Andaman Provinces, Ranong, Phuket, Phangnga, Krabi, Trang, Satun. This project aims to create the network of sustainable natural resources management.

       Being one of the most important resources in the coastal ecosystem, Dog conch is the Gastropod which inhabits in the muddy area of the coast, especially, in the sea grass area. Eating carcasses helps to not only clean the sea base, but also to naturally adjust the balance of ecosystem.

       Normally, Dog Conch is found in the tropical countries. In Thailand, there are Dog Conch both in Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea. And, Krabi is famous for having such a scrumptious delicacy from Dog Conch.

        When we consume Dog Conch continuously with suitable management, it causes the problem of the amount of natural Dog Conch because there are no time for them to breed naturally and this would lead to extinction of Dog Conch in the future.

       EnLive Foundation is the organization with the purposes missions to take care of, cherish and restore marine and coastal resources suitably. EnLive has launched the activity to raise awareness and encourage to suitably consuming Dog Conch as followings;

         -  The seminar on sustainable management of Dog Conch in Andaman. Participants are locals and organizations from six provinces on Andaman Coast. The seminar aimed to come up with the solutions on how to manage these resources suitably.

         - The Dog Conch campaign to raise awareness of locals by publicizing the leaflets, stickers or banners in community for them to recognize and realize.

         - Releasing Dog Conch back to natural home activity.


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