Krabi Youth Sea Kayak Project 

EnLive Foundation believes that one of the most effective methods of sustainable development is to educate or implant the awareness in youth power. Education, sport, environment and the sense of loving hometown are really important for youth to have and for adults to grant to them.

EnLive Foundation, Rowing and Canoeing Association of Thailand and Krabi Province have initiated the cooperation for Krabi Youth Sea Kayak Project which started in schools in Krabi with numbers of local student. This project runs with the ideas that sea kayak is the eco-friendly activity and good-for-health sport. Also for those who have outstanding talent will be encourage to develop this skill. Moreover, when they grow up, the sea kayak skill would be their professions in their hometown.

Krabi Youth Sea Kayak has 2 parts of activities;

-          Sea Kayak Skills practice (in class)

-          Sea kayak competition 

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