Krabi Underwater Learning Park Project


It is the one that aims to create the area to learn about sea life and biology, both sea animals and plants. This project is the cooperation among EnLive Foundation, Thai Royal Navy, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation.

As this project's purposes is to build undersea park or imitation reef, so, there are supports from Thai Royal Navy as its 4 of their warships, Kled Keaw, Ko Lum, Rawee and Talibong, were sank around the area of Phi Phi Island and Yawasam Island in Krabi since April and August 2014

Academic research shows that imitation reef helps to decrease impacts of tourism diving to natural coral reef. It says that every 1 dive has a chance to touch or impact at least 3 - 5 branches of reef. The faster tourism grows, the less time for coral reef to get itself recovered.

Underwater Learning Park Project is expected to have positive impacts as following;

         - To decrease the number of boats and density of divers in the area of natural reef this leads to the reduction of damage to coral reef. Also, it helps to grant the reef more chance to sustainable restoration.

         - To increase the settlement base for larvae.

         - To increase the 'Home' for sea life this leads to increment of amount of resources for local fishery.

         - To be the learning park about marine resources for student, youth and locals.

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